What Do Men Really Want From Women? – Get Inside His Mind

Men often comment on the fact that they can’t understand the woman in their lives. The same is true of women and if you are already involved with a man or are interested in a particular man, you may often wonder exactly what he is thinking. One area where this would be especially helpful is in understanding what a man finds appealing. When it comes to the all important question of what do men really want from women, most men are actually looking for the same thing.

If you were to ask a group the question of what do men really want from women, the males would likely answer one way, and the women another. This is one of the reasons so many relationships hit rough spots. The woman makes assumptions based on what she believes her mate wants from her. In actuality, in many respects, men and women want the very same things. Many men want to fall in love with an honest, fun and adventurous woman.

One character trait that almost every man finds appealing in a woman is confidence. Yet so many women find themselves self conscious when they are in the presence of a man they are attracted to. It’s important for a woman to genuinely like herself, flaws and all. She should never make excuses for anything about herself. She should instead accept who she is and never try and change to suit the taste of another person. Men will tell you that they don’t want a woman who sacrifices her own interests, passions or tastes just to suit his. Men love a challenge and a woman who speaks and thinks for herself without excuses, is always intriguing.

When you are asking a group of men the question of what do men really want from women, they will likely also tell you that they want someone they know they can have fun with. Men love a woman who can laugh and who has a sense of adventure. This certainly doesn’t mean that she drives race cars or cliff dives, but it does mean that she’s not afraid to be spontaneous. Being outgoing and living life to its fullest is incredibly attractive.

Honesty is at the top of the list of what do men really want from women. If you are disingenuous in a relationship with a man, he’ll likely be able to tell and this is an automatic turn off. There’s a difference between honesty and candor. Never be brutally honest if you know you’ll hurt another person. Men are much more attracted to a woman who can temper her honesty with kindness. If there’s something he’s doing that you don’t like, tell him don’t berate him.