What Does a Thief Look Like? The Benefits of a Home Alarm System

What does a thief look like anyway? In short, he (usually a he though a she is never completely out of the question) is a human being. There is no true description of what a thief looks like. Stereotypes of a burly, mean-looking thug are usually far from the truth. Thieves look like ordinary people, even nice everyday people; this helps to earn trust and get the job done quickly. Thieves could be complete strangers or people you even know.

Some criminals are not bright and will be rather conspicuous in their planning. They may be seen by others looking around outside a home. They may make obvious mistakes or alert the suspicions by others by doing something that can only be described by normal folks as “really stupid.” These thieves don’t last long and are usually locked away for 10-15 years and never heard from again. (At least in your neighborhood) If only all criminals were this easy to catch, try and convict!

However, it’s safe to say that most criminals don’t fit this description. Successful criminals “get paid” (with someone else’s money) not to be noticed and to seem like everyday neighborhood residents. Some criminals are deliberately very charming so as not to arouse suspicions. Some burglars will even strike up a conversation with the resident they are planning to steal from. One of the newest trends in home burglary is the undercover criminal, usually posing as a policeman, cable installer, electrician or maintenance man. He may be using the opportunity to gain entrance to a house and “case” the area, or worse yet, may use the opportunity to assault the homeowner.

The most successful criminals could be called a smarter breed of thief, though obviously it’s not very accurate to say thieves are “smart”-not in the long run anyway. Eventually those who are dishonest slip up and are caught by police. However, you must accept the fact that there are some criminals who have above average intelligence and who could figure a way around all of your natural defenses. (For instance, turning on the TV when you’re away or installing locks on the doors)

What can you do to protect yourself against these “smarter” criminals? Your best protection is to install a new age home security system with motion sensor detection and live monitoring. This type of system monitors all areas of your home, including the doors and windows and even movement inside the premises. New age smart sensors can differentiate the movements of a thief and something common in the house, such as a pet.