What Does Coffee Mean to You?

Coffee is composed of six simple letters. However, the meaning it gives to an individual person can be as unique as that person themselves.

Learning what coffee means to you can help you enjoy it even more. This is what coffee means to me, using those six simple letters that it is made from.

C = conversation. Coffee is only as good as the conversation that accompanies it. Add to this the fact that if they are eating or drinking then a person is more likely to listen and like what you say, then the reasons for good coffee and conversation in tandem multiply (This is why business lunches and coffees are so popular).

Some of my funniest and most memorable conversations have happened while drinking coffee with a friend or loved one.

O = off. Having a coffee is a time to switch off. Sit down and focus purely on the taste in your mouth while the world continues around you. The smell can take you anywhere. It is proven that the strongest memories and emotions can be evoked by smell. Smell the coffee and go where you want to go.

F = fun. Coffee is fun. Trying new beans or new ways of making your coffee is fun. Sharing it with friends is fun.

F = friends. Coffee helps bring friends together. Meeting up in a coffee shop is simple and more relaxed than meeting up in a bar. It is something people of all ages can do. Sit down, watch the world move around you and bring yourself closer to you friends.

E = entertainment. Well, it’s kind of covered above, but being able to knock up a great coffee in your house can make your night of entertainment a success. I have some friend’s houses that I go to for dinner, not for the food, but just to enjoy the coffee that they make afterwards.

It is the last taste your guests have of your night of entertainment. Make it a memorable taste and your night will go down well.

E = exhilaration. There are so many different types of coffees, so many choices, so many tastes for different times and different situations. You can have a coffee to relax. A coffee to wake up. A coffee by itself. A coffee to accompany a meal. A coffee to enjoy the flavors and spirit of another country. The choice is truly exhilarating.

This spells out COFFEE and my reasons for loving it so much. What does coffee do for you?