What Does It Mean for Someone To Have High Blood Pressure, HPB?

High blood pressure is a problem which the blood flow is impeded by some means other than which is detectable ordinarily. It is clinical state of the heart and of the blood circulation in everyone, the heart acting as a mechanical pump and as an electrical pump combine in one, need to daily pump the blood around the body effectively, effectively and scrupulously.

This fantastic made up combination of mechanic cum electrical pump system help the heart to function properly as a good pump which distributes vital material [wastes, oxygen, drugs, water, hormones and nutrients] to and from all the body organ as the case may demand it physiologically functionally.

But in the hypertensive the heart need to accommodate and fulfill more demand than it normally should, yet it must perform these daily tasks effectively and efficiently. This means the heart of the hypertensive needs to put in more effort in order to achieve its daily tasks.
The problem with an increased work demand for the heart is that the heart must increase its pumping capacity so as to be able to overcome the impedance to its successful blood distribution job.

Unfortunately the pressure to achieve the feat increase as the impedance and demand increase. Therefore a higher-than normal blood pressure occurs. And at any above normal high blood pressure is a risk to all important organ and structures of the body.

Therefore the person with a high blood pressure has a body whose demands far out weigh the abilities of his heart normal ability, so his heart must of necessity put up more effort in order to meet this demand a task that must be done but which is very distressful to the laboring heart itself.