What Everybody Ought to Know About Non-Surgical Face Lifts

Non-surgical face lifts are one of the latest cosmetic trends tempting consumers to go under the needle for a more youthful look. The best thing about the procedure is the obvious – there is no surgery involved and no possibility of knife scarring or other surgical complications. This also means you can get back to your daily activities sooner, as there is minimal downtime involved.

Needless to say, the price of non surgical procedures is a lot more attractive than the cost of an operation. The results are not always as dramatic as surgical options, but most people see this as a plus – you can still alter the areas you do not like, while still looking like your original self.

What can be achieved with non-surgical facial shaping?

Injections, or more appropriately, dermal fillers, can achieve a lot more than one might think. There are a range of corrections that just a few injections can fix. These areas / treatments can include:

  • Nose – Dermal fillers can disguise bumps on the nose and also fill wrinkles.
  • Eyebrows – An injection can be used to create an eyebrow lift and shape the eyebrows in general.
  • Tear Troughs – Dermal fillers can be used to fill and tighten skin in the eye hollow region.
  • Cheeks – Dermal fillers are able to correct and fill sunken cheeks. These are referred to as cheek implants.
  • Jaw – Many people opt to correct jaw squareness, which can be achieved through injections.
  • Chin – Injections can help to shape, fill and define the chin. This procedure is commonly referred to as cheek implants.
  • Jowls – Dermal fillers can correct a drooping mouth.

Non-surgical face lifts vs. surgical face lifts When weighing up the pros and cons of non-surgical and surgical face lifts, there really is no competition. Non-surgical options present the following benefits:

  • No risk of surgical complications and scarring.
  • Treatment is available at a much lower cost.
  • Results correct the problem and you'll still look like yourself afterwards.
  • There is hardly any downtime in comparison to surgical treatment.

You'll always be taking a risk with surgery, even in the hands of a qualified surgeon. It requires weeks of recovery and can sometimes produce dramatic results that leave you looking unlike your former self. Surgery is useful if you're looking for a dramatic change and it will also produce permanent results that you will not need to maintain. However, these procedures are usually very expensive and it's definitely worth trying a non-surgical option before committing.