What Exactly is Decoupage Glue?

Decoupage is a kind of craft that many people do because it is not only inexpensive but fairly easy. Cutting and pasting are the basic skills that you need in order to create really beautiful items that no one would ever have known was something you made. It is a craft in which you find an item, rather it be old or new, and make it into something more beautiful. It’s like turning trash in to treasure. All you need is a base, pictures or poems, and decoupage glue which you can either make yourself or buy at your local department store. At the store, you will find decoupage glue that is usually called “mod podge”.

People who create a lot of projects usually like to make their own glue in order to save themselves money. In order to make this type of glue, you can get regular white school glue and dilute it in order for it to be transparent. The most affective recipe that is used includes one part of white glue to one part of water. This is for the glue that will be placed underneath your picture and on the item that you are going to decoupage. For the decoupage glue that is going to be the sealant to the project, the best recipe is three parts of white glue to one part of water. More glue is needed for the sealant in order to make sure that your project gets sealed the correct way. If you are going to decoupage a plate that you are going to want to use, you will not want to have your project come apart.

Doing this kind of craft can be a little messy, but if you have a moist rag and towel near by, it will be easy to clean up. Many people do not like to actually touch the decoupage glue that they have bought or made, so they will use a spatula or Popsicle on their project as well as tweezers. This is perfectly fine but the real crafter will get down and dirty with the beautiful item that they are creating. You must try to keep some kind of order but not enough that you are worrying more about the mess you make instead of the beauty you are creating.


Decoupage Your Life