What Fence Should I Get?

If you are looking to get a fence installed around your home or business, there is a lot to consider between all of the different types, brands,colors, sizes and designs. Before getting fence installations, you should ponder carefully over all of the different variables to ensure that you get the best fence for your situation.

Fence Types

Possibly the most important decision you have to make is what materials you want your fence to be made of. There are a few major types. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages:

Wood fences. These are the most classic type of fence and will give your home a more natural or rustic feel. They can be stained to look more wooded or painted white. Although they look the most prestigious, they are difficult to maintain, since wood absorbs water and the paint or stain can fade.

Vinyl or PVC fences. If wooden fences are more work than you would like to do, PVC fences have absolutely no maintenance required. They are nonporous and will not warp or fade. Another advantage is that if a post does break, you can simply replace the single post instead of a large section of the fence. They are available in many colors and designs and can even look like wooden fences.

Aluminum and Chain link fences. These are metal fences that allow for more visibility than the previous two.

Fence Brands

Eastern White Cedar. This is a popular brand of wooden fences and is very resistant to water damage. It has natural oils that protect it from mold and rot. It is environmentally friendly and the fences are all biodegradable.

Jereth. This is one of the most trusted names in aluminum fences. They are a family owned and operated business that has been around for over half a century. Their high quality fences are manufactured domestically while many companies have factories that make cheap products overseas.

Grand Illusions. This brand manufactures PVC fences in a wide variety of colors and designs. They make wood designs which are popular because you get the beautiful look of wood along with the easy maintenance of PVC.

Fence Designs

Gates. Don’t forget to design areas for gates, preferably at least two. You don’t want to have to go around the entire fence to enter or exit your yard. Make sure that there are clear pathways leading to the gates and that at least one of the gates is large enough to carry large items, such as machinery or furniture.

Laws. Different towns have different regulations for construction. Make sure that you plans are all up to code.

Aesthetics. Look around and try to find a fence that matches your landscape.