What Foods Will Make You Jump Higher? You Might Be Surprised!

If you are into basketball, volleyball, track, or any other sport, you NEED to be able to jump high. There are many diets that promise to improve your athletic abilities, but I have found only one diet that works. Here are a couple aspects of that diet and the benefits of each.

Eat Fat!

This sounds shocking to most athletes.  I’m not saying that you should eat a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken every night.  There is one type of fat that is very beneficial to improving quickness and strength: Omega-3 fat.  This unique fat is found in fish, nuts, some eggs and some whole wheat breads.  

Omega-3 is important to an athletes diet because of the actual cell improvement that it provides.  Omega-3 fats give every cell in your body elasticity which is a crucial part of injury prevention.  The less time your spend injured or sore, the more time you have to focus on exercising to improve your vertical leap.  Omega-3 gives you the energy that you need to perform your workouts at optimum levels.  

High Carbs!

For some reason people like to go on a low carb diet.  This does not work for athletes.  Think of carbs as gas in a car.  Without gas, the car can’t go.  It is the same way with our bodies.  You must take in high amounts of carbs in order to have the energy to improve jumping.  

There are carbs that you want to stay away from though.  Anything that is not 100% whole grain contains starchy carbs.  These starchy carbs can quickly convert to glucose and that just adds fat to your body.  Eating 100% whole wheat breads will give you quick burning, but long lasting carbs and energy.

Keep in mind that no matter what you eat, you will not improve your vertical jump height without a solid exercise plan.