What House – Style, Is Best, For You?

There are many different styles of houses, and individuals have different tastes, needs, financial capabilities, etc. Therefore, before one, makes the commitment to purchase a home, of his own, which for most of us, is purchasing our single – largest, financial asset, does not make it sense, to better understand and appreciate some of the differences, including advantages and disadvantages, and other relevant factors? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review, examine and discuss, some of the most – often, seen house – styles, and discuss, some important factors, to better understanding, prior to beginning one's house – hunting process.

1. Cape Cod: Named after the New England community, which is believed to have originated this type of house, in most cases, these houses are the least expensive to purchase, because, not everyone, feels comfortable, because of some of the inherent characteristics. The traditional Cape Cod home, was small, with two bedrooms, and a bathroom downstairs, and two additional bedrooms, upstairs. The upstairs rooms often have the recognizable, pitched ceilings, caused by the shaper of the roof – line. In most cases, these are relatively small homes, with small rooms. As needs changed, many individuals expanded this style, creating what is referred to, as an, Expanded Cape, which is generally achieved, by adding on, either upstairs, only, or through the house. In some cases, these houses, have been changed, and are no longer recognizable, from the original style, but, in most, the characteristic roof-line, and upstairs ceilings, exist.

2. Ranch: These houses appeal, to those ,ishing, or needing, to live on one floor, and being able, to avoid climbing up, and down, stairs. Depending on the area / region, these are built in a variety of sizes, but it is believed, especially, in the Northeast, most, originally built, have three bedrooms, and one bathroom. Many have been made larger, while remaining as ranch houses, and are called, expanded. Other individuals, decided to change the configuration, and build, up, adding a second floor, as their personal needs, changed.

3. Split level: Split level houses, are often, originally built, because of the grade, of the land, and so, one entered into the foyer, walked downstairs, to various rooms, etc, and upstairs, generally to bedrooms, etc . Most have been built, as four bedroom, and two bathrooms.

4. Splanch: Splanch houses, are hybrids, between, ranch and split level homes. Probably, originally built, to maximize / increase interior space, while conforming to the land restrictions.

5. Colonial: Colonial homes were traditional, up, and down, design, houses. usually with a bathroom, living room, dining room, den / family room, on the main floor, and bedrooms and additional bathrooms, upstairs. These are, in most cases, the most popular styles, because they are efficient, effective, and possess, a good flow. Center – hall colonies, are those, which have the staircase, in the middle, entries on both sides of front of house, and are the most, in – demand

6. Other styles: Some other houses are referred to, as Contemporary or Modern, or are some hybrid / combination of the style above.

In most cases. Center Hall Colonials, tend to be the most expensive to purchase, and Cape Cod houses, the least. In some neighborhoods, the contemporary / modern, and / or hybrids, have become, the most, in – demand.