What is a Cordless Power Drill?

We all know what a Drill is. A Drill is a motor tool which can be fitted with various rotating drill bits based on our usage. It can used to drill holes, fix screws, etc. Advanced Drills can also perform functions other than Drilling like Countersinking, Boring, Tapering and Reaming. Most of the advanced Drilling machines are used only for Industrial purposes. But for our day to day household work a small drilling machine would suffice.

The moment we speak about Drills, we think of the bulkiness and risk involved in handling them. But recently, Drills have become so compact that they can be used like normal screw driver with only little effort. With the invention of cordless drills which has no bulky wires attached to it, the safety factor has been taken care of. These wireless drills run with a battery and easy to handle anywhere and anytime.

Whenever we buy a product we always think of the questions, When? Where? Why? If the answers to these questions are satisfactory, you can go ahead and buy that product. Now let us apply these questions to our Cordless Power Drill.

When it can be used?

It can be used at any time. It is a 24X7 tool which does not require any AC power supply as it runs on batteries. Day or Night, you can use it whenever you want it. The only thing you need to make sure is whether the batteries have the enough charge. For important works it is advisable to have some extra batteries so that you save your precious time when one battery runs out. Waiting time to charge the battery can be saved.

Where it can be used?

The Cordless Power Drill have become so handy that it can be used anywhere, be it a Woodwork or Metalwork. Under the Table or above your head, it can used in all places with ease. You don’t have to be a body builder to carry this Drills, their weight is optimally designed in a way that most of us can use it even for overhead applications.

Why should it be used?As we discussed, it is a flexible tool which allows you to setup your woodwork, drill holes, etc. When you shift your house or when you want to assemble/reassemble your wardrobe, its use is most appreciable. Without this tool, the entire work becomes very cumbersome and it is almost impossible to do without someone’s help. With our Cordless Power Drills, we can finish our entire days work in few hours. Not only this, it is a great tool for all our day to day maintenance activities in our garage, garden or storehouse.

Days are gone when Drillers are used only by Engineers and Carpenters. In this flat world, we have emerged from being a “Depend on others” era to “Do it yourself” era.