What is a Framing Hammer?

You may be one of the many people who think that a hammer is a hammer. However, there are different types of hammers designed for different jobs. The framing hammer is one of those specialized tools that are meant for use with particular tasks. Here is a short introduction of this hammer, including some examples of when you would want to use it.

In appearance, a hammer designed for framing work is a larger claw design. Typically, they will weigh in the range of twenty-five to thirty-two ounces. Usually there is a longer handle attached to the hammer, making it easier to get up some power when swinging the hammer.

The head of this type of hammer will also be milled. Milling is simply a process where a waffle like design is imbedded on the surface of the head. The reason for this design has to do with the nails that are often used in framing jobs. Because the heads of those nails also have a milled effect, the raised grid on the head of the hammer helps to catch the lines on the grid of the nail head. This results in much less incidence of the hammer slipping off the nail of the head upon impact. This will result in fewer swings to get a nail all the way into the frame.

The framing hammer usually is made of steel, which holds up well for a number of years of use. The long handle for the hammer is traditionally made of hard wood, which is treated and sealed so it will last through many years of service as well. All steel hammers have also been manufactured over the years. More recently, there have been some brands that have gone to fiberglass handles for these types of hammers. The fiberglass and steel hammers usually have a rubber grip on the handle, while the wooden handles usually do not come with a rubber grip.

The framing hammer is made for just about any type of framing work, from framing a house, or a room addition to a standing structure, or even a doghouse. The idea is to help make the process of framing faster and more secure. If you have a building project coming up, check out these types of hammers at your local hardware store. They will make your job much easier.