What is a Hearth Rug?

Hearths, commonly called fireplaces, are an integral part of the modern home. However, any fireplace owner would understand that along with style and warmth, a fireplace also adds some safety hazards to our homes. In some cases, flying embers and sparks could lead to burns if they get in contact with inflammable objects. Flying embers can do some damage to the surrounding area of your hearth. Keeping in mind these factors, interior decorators have designed a special rug for firesides in contemporary homes.

Hearth Rugs Prioritize Safety

This stuff is made from flame retardant materials that form a fire resistive perimeter around the fireside. The yesteryear version of a fireside rug was made of wool that used to insulate the floor from embers with partial damage to itself, therefore needing to be replaced with time. The present day version is made of   incombustible  fabrics which work on the self-extinguishing mechanism. Embers that fall on the rug combust by themselves without burning the fiber, leaving behind only clinkers and ash. This gives a hearth rug a long life. Maintenance required is limited to brushing to remove the collected ash overtime.

Hearth rugs not only increase the safety of your home but also add texture and color to your fireplace. They are a stylish accessory in contemporary homes, and are available in a host of designs. One can choose from braided, woven or needle-felt style of rugs to match the look and architecture of the fireplace. Although they are available in standard sizes and shapes, many manufacturers offer custom designed and unique hearth rugs to perfectly pair with the fireplace.

While there are many manufacturers that offer contemporary and attractive hearth rug designs, while shopping for them always remember their primary purpose i.e. safety.

Before purchasing a hearth rug, always keep these points in mind:

* Opt for a hearth rug with the highest degree of fire resistance.

* Get advice from the retailer on the size and area covered to insure that this thing effectively protects the flooring from ember spots.

* Insist on a quick demonstration from the retailer to prove (if possible) the authenticity of the material used in this rug as the safety of your home depends on it.