What is a Pallet Truck?

A pallet truck, also know as a pallet jack or pump jack, is a manually powered fork truck designed to lift and move heavy materials. The front wheels are placed on the inside near the forks at the front. At the back is a hydraulic jack which is used to lift the pallet off the floor.

How do use a pallet truck? 

Being manually powered the person operating the truck pushes the forks into the pallet, and then uses the jack part of the truck to ‘jack’ up the pallet off the floor to a certain height required. Once the pallet has been lifted the operator can then move the truck where ever they wish, the pallet is only listed off the ground so it can be moved, and so a foot or so is usually normally.

Powered pallet trucks

Pallet trucks are also available powered. It is the same principle as a manual pallet truck except instead of the operator having to jack up the pallets the machine lifts it for you via controls. This is easier to use as the machine does most of the work for you and they can lift heavier pallets if required.

Who uses pallet trucks?

Generally speaking pallet trucks are used by people who are suppliers and work in warehouses. This can be in a variety of fields such as food and drink, clothing, computers, machinery and so on. Any industry that requires moving about large and heavy pallets of products will use a pallet truck.

How much do pallet trucks cost?

Many companies will differ slightly in the cost of their pallet trucks, and depending on the type of pallet truck will alter the cost as well. You will be able to pick up a regular pallet truck for around £130. Searching online or visiting different shops you’ll be able to gain more of an idea of the prices available.