What is a Toy Hauler?

Put simply, Toy Haulers are Recreational Vehicles, which have all the comforts of home and an enclosed rear cargo space for your toys. They can be as simple a utility trailer with a fold down bed and stove or a luxurious 5th wheel trailer. In future articles I'll cover each of the types available.

Let's look inside these versatile RV's. The forward section of a toy hauler has all of the creature comforts. There is a place to sleep, kitchen, bath, and lots of storage. You will also find; air conditioning, a furnace, refrigerator, stove, shower / tub, and toilet.

The cargo area is typically 10-14 feet in length and is served by a ramp door those folds down from the RV. The ramp is spring loaded for easy operation. Most have a load capacity of 2000-4000 pounds. Just drive your toys in, tie them down, and close the ramp. And away you GO!

Of course you can customize them with accessories. Popular upgrade items; include a generator, TV, better yet satellite TV. Might as well go for broke with a complete stereo and computer system. For the ultimate 'do not leave home without it' accessory, have satellite Internet installed, and you'll never be out of touch.

The cargo area of ​​your RV needs a few goodies, too. Tie downs are usually standard. So let's add some nice diamond plate pieces to set off your toy hauler? There are lots of items to choose from, shelves, cabinets, racks, helmet hooks, and the like. Since the cargo space tends to be cavernness, what you choose to install is nearly limitless.

What more could you ask for? AHHHH! A built-in gas station complete with pump for your toys! And, how could you forget an awning to keep everything cool on those hot playground days. Of course there is lots of outside lighting to get the toys ready for the next days adventure under. Now we're talking!

Grab the Toys and go Play!