What is an Electrostatic Air Purifier?

An electrostatic air purifier is one of the more efficient varieties of air purifiers available on the market which is aimed at purifying the air you breathe in your home. It works to effectively and efficiently remove harmful substances and hazardous particles from the air so that you and your family is at a lesser risk of developing an allergic reaction and so forth.

The success of this purifier in filtering and ridding the air of harmful substances lies in its scientific design. As its name indicates is has metal plates with static charges on them which attract dust and other hazardous particles in the air to trap them inside the filter. This design has shown to remove about ninety five percent of harmful particles in the air.

While electrostatic purifiers are very efficient in their function of removing allergy causing particles and irritants from the air you breathe, they do have a downside. The charged particles they generate do not always stick to the metal plates in them. At times, the charged particles can stick on to other surfaces close to the purifier such as a wall, frame or other platform and after accumulation of these particles, a black residue may form in that area.

Furthermore, some electrostatic air purification systems produce ozone which is harmful for both your health and for the objects in your home. It can cause respiratory problems in some people and can cause damage to material objects in the home especially metals by oxidizing them.

Even so, electrostatic purifiers are very effective when it comes to removing dust particles, volatile organic compounds and other types of irritants or substances commonly found in the air. When this air purifier is coupled with a HVAC unit, the best results can be obtained.