What is an Elevator Speech?

Selling yourself in an interview is tough. Trying to tell a stranger why you are the best person for the job is difficult for most people. Of course, the interview is the perfect setting for letting your interviewer how wonderful you are. But what if you only had a moment to tell someone about yourself away from the interview setting? Be prepared for that occasion by having an elevator speech ready.

If you have been looking for a job then you probably have heard the term 'elevator speech' before. What the term means you should have a short speech, a couple of minutes, ready to sell yourself. The elevator part comes from idea that your speech should not last any longer than it takes to go from the first floor to the top floor in an elevator. It actually does not mean that you should use it in a elevator!

What to include in an elevator speech

With a limited amount of time, you have to be specific and to the point about why you are a potential employee to hire. It answers questions such as 'Who are you', 'why are you different than others', 'you will make an impact on the company'.

Write down the answers to these questions and put them in a form that is short and sweet. You may not have much time so stick to the important parts.

Ironically the place that you will probably use the 'elevator speech' is probably in an interview so make sure that it is hits all the high points and shows why you are the person to hire.