What Is Artchery?

Artchery is a combo-word, a made up word I created and would like to discuss with you. What does it mean? Well, we know what archery is and the famous tale of William Tell, and we know that archery is an Olympic Sport, and that there were archers used in warfare during past periods, and we also know that the American Indians were excellent marksmen with bows and arrow, that’s how they defended themselves and were able to hunt and feed themselves.

We also know what art is, and art can take on many mediums, so, when we have fun as writers with combo-words or “invent-a-word” mind games, in a way that too is a form of art. Not long ago, I was enlisted as a model in our local art club, you see the others in the group are artists, real ones – sketching, painting, drawing, water colors, charcoal, photographers, etc. Me, well, I am just a writer, and although I write a lot, not a very good on. Still, they had me hold a make-shift bow and arrow and point it towards the sky while I stood there for 30-minutes for the sketching session.

Why you ask? Well, it’s simple really “action art” sells, and the best art (with people in it) has some sort of action going on. Interestingly enough bows and arrows are somewhat lightweight, but they are not easy to hold up for thirty minutes, especially flexing the 50-lb stretch strength bow. “What on earth did I volunteer for now,” I thought to myself, and then I wondered if my Indian outfit was authentic enough, and if they had also done the same, perhaps waiting for a prey to happen by or readying themselves for battle, if so, more power to them, they were in much better conditioning than I.

Okay so, that is one possibility for the word; Artchery. What might be another? Well, now that we’ve got your mind thinking, what say you? Have you ever seen photographs taken at high-speed, how about of an arrow piercing through an apple, or an arrow splitting another which has already made a perfect bull’s eye on the target? Well, that too could be considered Artchery.

Can you think of more? What about a new form of art, flaming arrows shot in sequence in place of fireworks? What about an expert archery demonstration team spelling out a word onto a large billboard? Artchery, right? Yes, that too would be artchery – can you think of more. Please do, and shoot me an email as to what you come up with.