What Is Better For Carpet Cleaning? Steam Cleaners Or Regular Vaccum Cleaners?

Necessity is the mother of invention. Carpets were invented in the sixties and became popular very quickly. Following this breakthrough, manufacturers needed to make something to clean the carpets and preserve their texture. Thus, there came the invention of the first vacuum cleaner.

In today's world, with the rise of pollution, dirt and grime has also become more sticky and difficult to get rid off. People have started developing asthma and other allergies, all which demand the need of a cleaner, safer environment in the home. While regular vacuum cleaners are able to remove surface dust only, carpet steam cleaners go deep into the base of the carpet and the carpet fibers to eliminate dirt from the roots.

Features of Carpet Steam Cleaners

The steam vacuum works by injecting superheated steam onto the carpet. The high temperatures allow complete removal of the toughest stains, as well as kill all dust mites and other allergens. This way the carpet is sanitized to the maximum. The self contained carpet steam cleaners are the best combination as they have inbuilt vacuum cleaners which allow the surface dust to be removed as well as the debris from the base of the carpet.

Rotating brushes are also part of the machine, which make sure the steam reaches all parts of the carpet and any sticky dirt is removed completely. Mostly, hot water has to be added to the machine, but the newer models are being manufactured with their own water heaters which keep the water at the optimum temperature allowing maximum efficiency.

These steam cleaners are helpful in areas, apart from carpets as well. They can be used to clean all types of places, from cooker hoods to the inside of ovens. Even tiling and toilet corners can be effectively disinfected using these steam cleaners. Along with domestic use, carpet steam cleaners have become the best tool for carpet cleaning, in various industries, like hospitals, restaurants, hair salons and even trains. The quick drying of these gadgets allows continuous use, making it practical and convenient for everyone.

Carpet steam cleaners are far more superior to vacuum cleaning, when it comes to efficiency. Neverheless, it is a time consuming activity and certain carpets with depleted threads may get damaged permanently. Keeping these facts in mind, we can come to the conclusion, that steam cleaning is a must for every household, at least once a year, while carpets should be cleaned with a regular vacuum at least once a week.