What Is Body Pump?

The workout craze has been popping up in gyms across the United States. The classes are running in over 10,000 gyms. What is it?

Body Pump, also knows as Les Mills Body Pump, is a class that focuses on using barbells to get a total body workout. More specifically, the barbells are used in conjunction with an extremely high repetition workout. People can expect to perform as many as 800 repetitions during a Les mills Body Pump workout.

What is Body Pump Best Known For?

Many workout programs use a specific principle that they believe works best. With Les mills Body Pump, that principle is The Rep Effect. Not only are you performing a very high number of reps, but you are doing it with fairly light weights. This combination is great for losing weight, and creating sexy, lean muscles. The workouts are designed to hit all of the major muscle groups, and focus on using the most effective weight room exercises. Just a few of these exercises include;

– Squats – Great for everything from the waste down

– Presses – Great for triceps, shoulders and arms

– Curls – Great for the biceps, back and core

By hitting each muscle group with 70 – 100 reps, you are focusing on strengthening the muscle, while also melting the fat around it. The program combines up beat music motivating instructors, adds in effective, fat blasting, muscle building moves, and delivers results.

In terms of classes, What is Body Pump like? The typical body pump class runs for 60 minutes, with an average individual burning 500 – 600 calories. These classes start off with a warm up, which is lead by the instructor. As the muscles begin to warm up, you work your way into the actual workout, which uses only light weights. The moves focus on the legs, chest, back, shoulders and core. The workout is accompanied by up beat music to help keep you moving along. As the workout draws to an end, the music switched over to more of a cool down tempo. The workout pace slows, and you end with a stretch.

When you ask, “What is Body Pump”, you should know that their are advantages and disadvantages to Les Mills Body Pump


– The classes are run by certified trainers

– The classes are fun and up beat

– The workouts are extremely effective


– You need to travel to the gym to attend the classes

– The classes are only offered at certain times, so they are not always convenient

– You need to pay a monthly membership at the gym to take the classes