What Is Office Hoteling and How Does It Work?

The concept of office hoteling is just selling like a hot cake in the industry today. Why?? Read on to know more.

Office hoteling is the concept in which an employee is asked to share his/her workstation with some other employee. Generally in the traditional work setup environment, the office work stations are dedicated and the employees create their own personal space and are sort of attached to their work station. The employee will also have a dedicated phone and other equipment at their service. But in the new concept the cubicles are used on sharing basis where the employees book the cubicles or other office equipment based on their need.

Office hoteling also means that the employee can work from absolutely anywhere. He can work from home or from any other work location or just telecommute, depending on the kind of work he/she does. In the concept the employees can also work relaxing in the beach or having a snack in some restaurant. Whenever the employee needs any office equipment he/she needs to come to the office and reserve the workstation to sit and also other equipments like printer, fax machine or a meeting room.

Now what companies can implement office hoteling concept? The answer is sales companies, project management companies or for that matter any company which does not have a need for their employees to come to the office and work. Employees who largely work out in the field are the most appropriate people for this kind of setup. Employees who are in sales department, accounting department, or project management department or the people who work as consultants are also best suited for this kind of setup. The employees who opt for office hoteling are the employees who are self starts and who do not need any kind of supervision.

Benefits of office hoteling

  1. The companies are benefited because they pay less tax, based on the less footage area of the office. Less number of people means less office space needed, less space means less taxes and in turn more profits.
  2. Better facility management. There is less amount of money which is spent per employee by the companies. The companies can actually think of reducing support staff if office hoteling is implemented.
  3. The employees have a chance to work from home. They can spend more time with their family and friends.
  4. The employees will be in a position to increase their productivity time by cutting down on the travel time.
  5. There are less number of business travels which are needed by the companies, as employees can now telecommute.

As they say every coin has two sides, office hoteling also has some disadvantages. Office hoteling can result in reduced employee interaction among their peers and superiors. It can also lead to a thinking in which employee will fill neglected. But, there are ways efficient ways to manage, plan, implement and reap benefits of office hoteling.