What is PVC Canvas and How is it Used?

Poly Vinyl Chloride or PVC is a thermoplastic resin used in a number of materials and products. PVC is a by-product of petroleum, is mixed with water and natural salt and goes through an industrial process. The result comes in the form of a PVC sheet that is strong enough to endure the pressures of atmosphere.

The most common use of PVC is in making pipes, rainwear, tiles, plastic wear, and other related products. PVC-canvas is basically a product used in the manufacturing of tarpaulins, commonly known as PVC-canvas tarpaulins.

PVC-canvas is used for a multitude of purposes. The most common usage, of course is as a coating agent or covering agent. PVC-canvas, on a broader scale can be used for the following purposes.


PVC-canvas is vastly used as a construction material. Although it cannot be used as a pure construction agent like bricks, PVC-canvas is used to cover the basic construction material, and machinery, to protect them from rain and moisture, among other things. PVC-canvas is also used in the drying of construction material, as natural drying can take even months if proper construction methods are not applied.

PVC canvas is also used in laminating boats and ships. The type of PVC-canvas used in the shipping industry is rather different from ordinary PVC canvas in the sense that double and triple layer of PVC sheets are used to protect the costly iron from corrosion and other weather effects. These ships and vessels spend long time in the sea and can be badly damaged if these preventive measures are not put into place.

Rain shed

PVC canvas, as mentioned earlier, makes an excellent rain shed due to its waterproof qualities. Some PVC canvases come with reinforced waterproof features that further enhance protection from rain.

These PVC canvases can be installed in your backyard, bus stops, cafes, restaurants, and any other place where one needs immediate protection from rain, but cannot afford a costly construction of permanent shelters.

Additionally, PVC canvas provides a good cover for automobiles and is a cheap alternative to building a permanent garage. It is especially good for those people who do not have garages in their houses or those who live in apartments or rented buildings. They can easily protect their car from rain by buying a PVC canvas cover.

Home décor

Besides the use of PVC canvas in the construction, shipping industry, and rain cover, it can also be used in home decoration. PVC canvas is increasingly being used as a part of decoration of the living room. Most people take a small portion of a PVC canvas and embellish it with stones and other decoration stuff. Some people want to give their living room a touch of an open space and introduce mini umbrellas made of PVC canvas. The larger size umbrellas are actually used in the backyards or front lawns of some houses.