What Is Ready Mix Concrete?

We all know what concrete is. Do you however know what ready mix concrete is? When you think of concrete, where do you think it comes from? You will probably picture a large cement mixer truck of some sort. Well that is where some concrete comes from but not all of it. A cement truck won’t just bring concrete to your house so you can pour a slab of concrete to set your dog house on.

A cement truck will only deliver if you want large loads of concrete. The minimum order will vary from company to company but is usually three or four yards at minimum before they will bring a truck to your place. So what can you do if you do not need enough to get the minimum order? You will need to buy some ready mix concrete.

Ready mix concrete is concrete you mix yourself. It will cost more per yard than from a cement truck but its the way to go for small concrete jobs. One thing about ready mix concrete is it is convenient. It comes in bags of either 45 pounds or 85 pounds and so you just get what you need and take it home with you. In order to use it you will need to have a clean flat surface other than dirt to mix it on and a shovel. You could also mix it in a container of some sort and I personally recommend you do this. Basically you just add water and mix it until it gets wet but not runny.

Once you have it mixed up you can then pour it wherever you want it. It has many uses and is just the same thing as the concrete you get from the cement trucks only without the cement truck.