What is Roll Stock Film and Why Does Your Business Need to Look Into Using It?

Roll stock film can instantly add value to your product while simultaneously boosting your productivity. Compatible with just about any forming, filling and sealing machine, this film is both functional and visually appealing. Offered in a variety of colors, with the addition of full color digital graphics, you can boost your sales by stylishly showcasing your logo, fresh artwork and company info. Most importantly, they instantly inform you and your customer that the product has remained freshly sealed from day one, providing a range of barrier qualities to improve shelf-life.

It is essentially exactly what the name implies. It is produced in rolls, designed for use in automated machinery, to be placed at the end of your product packaging line. Sealing your product with roll stock provides a longer lifespan and a visible source of tamper-evident protection to your consumer.

It can be manufactured from PVC, PET-G, PLA or OPS plastic as either seamed or seamless (extruded) in whatever thickness suits your product and packaging needs. Adaptable to your existing packaging machinery, you can customize not only the size of the roll but the core it is wrapped around. The rolls will run on all your high-speed automated machinery, saving you time, labor, and reducing your overhead.

If requested, the roll stock can also be converted into shrink bands or labels, according to your application and machinery requirements. Look for a roll stock film manufacturer that offers variety to suit your needs. Many additives are also available to aid in product lifespan and usability. Some of the options available are UV additive protection, high shrink, freezer grade, and anti-static additives. Don’t miss out on a valuable opportunity to protect and highlight your product.