What is Sinus Drainage? – Ways to Stop Sinus Drainage

A brief idea on what is sinus drainage

Sinus drainage starts when the mucus lining gets irritated and turns out excess mucus. Mucus is generated to keep the nasal passage clean. This may be termed as post nasal drip which could lead to bad breath.

Bad breath could be due to many factors like food you intake to improper oral hygiene and medical complications like diabetics and gum disease. Bad odor is usually associated with sinus drainage. Ironically, the smell as such comes from the mouth and not nose.

Tips on what is sinus drainage and how to cure it

Germs are a major part of sinus infection and it has to be killed. Germs have abhorrence to heat and that is why we boil the water we drink. A hot cup of tea is an immediate relief because the heat helps to drain sinus. The nasal passageways should be kept clean, draining the sinus. If you do not want to take hot vapors, you could always go for a hot shower or a visit a steam room.

Sinus could be drained by drinking lot of fluids, 6-8 glasses of water a day is needed to keep your system clean. This could flush your system. Cleaning your system could clear your sinus. Beware of aerated drinks and caffeinated beverages as they are of no help. Hot soup could also be of great help.

Nasal sprays and decongestants are also available to clear the blocks.

What is sinus drainage remedy to a long lasting problem? Apart from the above remedies over the counter medication are also available. If the problem persists consult your doctor.

These steps could definitely drain your sinus and you could see getting to know what is sinus drainage is lot more easily than you ever predicted.

Today’s modern world requires a lot of more elegant personality not only with pleasing manners but also a healthy look. A person is judged not only by his habits but also by his clean ways of living. In this socializing environment where you meet people often a bad oral breath could ruin your relationships. Keep in mind your associations with the outer world.