What Is Skip Trowel?

What is a Skip Trowel and Other Interior Finishes

Home improvement projects can include many different finishes, including a skip trowel texture. This actually refers to a method, which can be used to create a specialized texture on walls and ceilings. It is not as extreme as some of the popcorn textures that were once making it to walls and ceilings, but it's a minority and enticing look that can add a lot to your home.

In order to do a proper skip trowel texture you will have to prepare the walls well. The walls must be initially prepared using sheet rock, mudding, and a final phase that includes taping. You are trying to prepare the wall to take what amounts to a light adhesive nature when you apply the formula. Many people either have this phase done by a professional or they go to their local home improvement store to get a crash course on the preparations. That way, when reading directions online the whole process just makes more sense.

There is an actual product called a skip trowel texture compound. Diluting the compound is often recommended to avoid any kind of caking or unpleasant thick areas that can happen when the product is used straight. You do not need much water, and the right consistency will depend on the brand and the amount that you have purchased. Typically, you can use a separate bucket to do the mixing because you do not want to dilute the entire mixture right away.

Do not mix enough water in to make it runny, as you will have your texture product running down the walls and dripping off ceilings as you work. You just want it to be pliable enough to be easy to manage.

You can use a paint roller to put the product on the surface. At this point you are not creating the final look. You are creating the popcorn look that you actually want to avoid. Once the material is on the wall, you have the opportunity to shape it. Shaping it with a trowel creates the nice textured look that is much more subtle and appreciated. Alternate the sweeping motions as you create semicircle "etchings" in the material. This makes a nice look that is great for all sorts of rooms.

The skip trowel texture is just a single look. You can use finishes with sand or small beads in the mix to create texture as well. Smooth or matte finishes can accentuate a ceiling that has been textured. Of course, paint and wallpaper are typical finishes that can still add a great pop to a room with a little bit of decorating creativity.