What is SmartLipo?

No matter how carefully you watch what you eat or how active you are, many of us have those fat bits that just won’t go away, no matter how much you try by diet and exercise. It might be your back, Abdomen, back, Chin, cheek, backs of arms or hips. The solution is Laser Liposuction, using Smart Lipo Technique.

Lipo Laser( Liposmart or Laser Lipolysis) is an revolutionary technique for removal of excess fat from areas of the body that are resistant to dieting and exercise. SmartLipo technology is based on selelctive interaction of SmartLipo laser with adipocytes. Smart Lipo laser melts the fat cells leaving the god healthy cells intact. Fat cells are ransformed into oliy emulsion which is then absorbed and eliminated by body’s natural metabolism.

Smart Lipo is suitable for both Men and Women.

SmartLipo treament is Safe, Permanent, minimal bruising minimal blood loss and no downtime.

SmartLipo / Laser Lipolysis – The New Generation Technique

The main application of the SmartLipo laser system is a laser-assisted liposculpture treatment with a totally revolutionary concept. SmartLipo / Laser lipolysis is an innovative technique designed especially for removing excess fatty tissue thanks to the selective interaction of the laser beam with the adipocytes. This results in the disintegration of the membranes of the lipocytes and the elimination of their contents. SmartLipo is ideal for medical professionals who carry out adiposity therapy with liposuction, liposculpture, and tumescent liposculpture, and who wish to extend their therapeutic offer.

SmartLipo /Laser Lypolysis offers the chance to carry out minimally invasive liposculpture treatments (the cannulas have a diameter of only 1mm), in a decidedly less traumatic manner compared to traditional techniques.

SmartLipo – Technical Data

SmartLipo is a pulsed 1.064 nm Nd:YAG system with very special and specific features:

o Ultra short pulses (one ten-thousandth of a second)

o Extremely high peak powers (up to 1,500 watts).

o The positioning of the cannula is highlighted via trans-illumination from a red guiding beam

SmartLipo / Laser Lypolysis – A Superior Technique

The SmartLipo Nd:YAG laser system is the expression of a new concept that combines all the new generation laser technology with the advantages of compactness and reliability. SmartLipo possesses the outstanding features necessary for exalting its operating performance. This is a laser system that can reach extremely high powers for very brief periods, even several millionths of a second, plus it has electronic control of the emitted power and the laser pulses.

These features also mean that the laser emission can be considered as minimally thermal due to the energy being concentrated in very brief pulses. The tissue treated with the laser beams is able to cool thanks to the fact that the pulse wavelength only represents a tiny percentage of the time elapsing between two consecutive pulses. This highlights the technical capacity of the SamrtLipo system which is able to deliver powerful and instantaneous pulses. SmartLipo also ensures energy savings and greater user-friendliness in managing the operating parameters, while in their simplicity and anatomical design, the handpieces and tips allow for carrying out safe and effective treatments.

SmartLipo / Laser Lypolysis – Efficacy

SmartLipo / Laser Lypolysis represents the new standard in liposculpture. Its technique uses the high peak power of the laser emission to rupture the membrane of the adipocytes. The effect is not only thermal but also thermomechanical, and the rapid and elevated absorption by the adipocytic membrane allows for creating an opening in the membrane itself with the spilling out of the cellular contents. This results in the production of an oily, low-viscosity aggregate which facilitates body modeling.The laser light is conveyed through micro-cannulas (with a diameter of one millimetre) into which an optical fibre of only 300 micrometers is inserted. SamrtLipo / Laser Lypolysis can also be associated with the tumescent technique as the special Nd:YAG laser system radiation at 1,064 nm is not absorbed by this type of solution.

In short, SamrtLipo / Laser Lypolysis is efficacious, minimally invasive, and haemostatic at the same time, ensuring rapid recovery times and reduced constrictive bandaging. The operation can also be performed in the doctor’s rooms.

This is an additional incentive for patients who are not willing to consider day-hospital and would never set foot inside an operating theatre.

SmartLipo / LaserLypolysis – Ergonomics

SamrtLipo / Laser Lypolysis opens new horizons in the treatment of districtual adiposity, doing away with large-section cannulas, and instead using a simple handpiece supporting a micro-cannula with an optical fibre inside that conducts the laser beam emitted by the SmartLipo system. parameter adjustments are simple and immediate thanks to the LCD, and the intuitive, user-friendly software. Simple concepts and simple applications for a far superior and more effective technique.

Smart Lipo : SmartLipo Procedure

Smart Lipo treatment is carried out in a sterile environment. The areas to be treated are marked with a special pencil, and lines are traced outwards from one single point in which the local anaesthetic is injected.

In order to facilitate the insertion of the cannula, a small incision must be made with a micro-scalpel. The optical fibre of the laser is inserted into the incision. The actual treatment begins by slowly moving forwards lengthwise following the lines traced on the skin and constantly maintaining the same speed of movement.

SmartLipo – Cost

SmartLipo cost is based on the number of areas of the body to be treated. Typical cost ranges from £2000 to £4500 for one Area of treatment to 3 Area of treatment. For multiple area of treatment, you have to talk to your doctor during initial consultation. Both outer thighs are treated as one where as upper abdomen and lower abdomen are treated as two separate areas.