What is the Best Barbecue Book?

There are a lot of books claiming to be the Best Barbecue Book in the world. But while most books only have recipes and some only have tips on how to make the perfect barbecue, there are a few that combine both plus more additional information packed into one neat volume. The Best Barbecue Book should not only include tips and recipes but it has to also be a comprehensive guide to everything that is related to barbecue.

The following is a list of the top four books that we think deserve to be called, “The Best Barbecue Book.”

1. Peace Love And Barbecue by Mike Mills

Presented in scrapbook form with stories and photographs from travels across America in search of the best barbecue that the country has to offer, this book earns the title, “The Best Barbecue Book.” It is a loving tribute with a multitude of delectable recipes, new techniques and classical styles of cooking, and a cornucopia of stories and photographs that make this a comprehensive guide to everything that there is to know about barbecue. This book is a must-have for foodies and barbecue aficionados.

2.   Smokestack  Lightning: Adventures in the Heart of Barbecue Country by Lolis Eric Elie with photographs by Frank Stewart

This book is the result of a cross-country trip that Lolis Eric Elie and Frank Stewart took towards the wonderful world of barbecue. This isn’t focused on barbecue alone; it is about the people and the places at the heart of it. With excellent recipes and fascinating profiles of the true blue fans of barbecue,  Smokestack  Lightning is the definitive representation of the heart and soul of barbecue.

3. Where There’s Smoke, There’s Flavor: Real Barbecue – The Tastier Alternative To Grilling by Richard W. Langer

This is a detailed guide to the basics of smoke cooking, which, according to author Richard W. Langer, is the secret to cooking a great barbecue. “Low heat, a long time, and lots of smoke – those are the keys to a good barbecue.” This book features plenty of mouthwatering recipes as well as traditional and contemporary approaches to barbecue.

4. Smoke & Spice: Cooking With Smoke, The Real Way To Barbecue by Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison

Culinary experts believe that smoke-cooked barbecue is the way to go when it comes to real barbecue. This book is based solely on smoke cooking. It includes easy-to-follow recipes, various cooking techniques, and even information on what equipment to use.

These books do not take the fun away from cooking and instead, allow even first-time cooks to experience the joy and learn the art of cooking barbecue. Any one of these books deserves to be called “The Best Barbecue Book.”