What is the Best Flat Iron

With so many variations of flat irons to choose from, figuring out the best one to purchase can be a challenge. For those who desire to get that salon straightened perfectly sleek hair, the decision to get the 'right' flat iron can not be decided with out research put into the purchasing process. Otherwise, the wrong choice could be disastrous to your hair and wallet.

The choice for a good flat iron can be one of several, as there is more than one that is top rated for quality. There are several brand variations with the high quality cutting edge technological advancements close in comparisons. It is only the various functional options and individual popularity of each brand name and price variations that show any distinctiveness.

There are those with the highest popularity like FHI Heat, Farouk CHI, Infrashine, Corliss flat irons, T3, HAI and even Paul Mitchell Flat Irons.But others which are not well marketed like the Conair Flat Irons, Remington, Hot Tools Flat Irons or GHD Flat Irons are also available. This is where knowing your own unique hair needs and a little extra research comes in on your part.

There are several ways to research for your investment. The reason that a good high quality flat iron is called an investment, is not only because of the higher price ranges than your average lower quality drug store brand, but for the daily true salon performance with the 'Wow' effect that the personally fitting flat iron will give you.

The best way for getting an honest opinion of the best flat iron brands available is to read customer reviews about them. Your friends and hair stylists, who have worked with several different lines of flat irons out on the market can also guide you. While choosing the best flat iron, consider these points:

Does it suit your hair type?

Does it have pure ceramic plates or is it tourmaline enhanced to give you softer, shinier hair and negates the positive ions?

Does it have safety features?

Check the quality, weight and handle ability of the iron

Does it have a guarantee or warranty for a specific period?

Does it have Far Infra red heating to seal in hair moisture and prevent dry and damaged hair?

With all of the facts and knowledge you now have gathered, start narrowing down your search by the special features offered in brands of flat irons. Think about the safety features offered by the ones you are considering and if price is of importance, make sure to be considering only the best brands of flat irons within your budget. Warranty is also important to know before purchasing any flat iron product.

Just remember, to take your time in the research so to find the best quality flat iron for you.

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