What is the Best Flat Iron?

Deciding on what is the best flat iron for your hair is not easy. Many desire straight, sleek and shiny hair that looks salon perfect. But to get that look, you need to put some thought into the subject and then do your research.

There are many top rated and popular flat irons to choose from. Each different brand has its pros and cons, its admirers and deriders, and its function and lack of function. Some leading brands of flat iron are well known: Sedu flat irons, Solia flat irons and Corioliss flat irons. Whilst other brands are not so well known: Conair flat irons and GHD flat irons. To choose a flat iron that works best for you needs a little research.

By far the best way of deciding which flat iron is best for your hair, is by talking to friends. Find out what flat iron works best for them and why. Talking to friends and family about flat irons costs you nothing and you'll get great real advice and not the sales pitch of a company sales department.

Next, go and get reviews of flat irons off the internet and hair magazines. Again, this can be got for free. There are many reviews posted online from real people with their frank experiences and opinions on just about every flat iron on the market.

Talk to professional hair stylists. After all, stylists use flat irons more than anyone else. Flat irons recommended by stylists will be of high quality and durability, giving their customers perfect, sleek and smooth hair time after time. Do not be shy; most people love to give advice when their opinion is sought. Flat iron brands such as Paul Mitchell, CHI and Solia are quite popular amongst professional hair stylists.

Some companies often give free demonstrations of their flat irons in shopping malls and department stores. Do not be shy or embarrassed. Sit down and have them demonstrate how good their flat iron is. As well as trying to sell you their product, the stylist will probably give you lots of useful tips on how to use a flat iron.

Decide on how much you are willing to pay for a flat iron. Once you've decided, take a look at those brands of flat irons.

The following are some of the best cheap flat irons available: Remington flat irons, Hot Tools flat irons and Conair flat irons.

For mid-range prices, the following are some good and reasonably priced flat irons: HAI flat irons and Solia flat irons.

At the higher end you have: Paul Mitchell flat irons, T3 flat irons and Sedu flat irons.

If you can afford it – it's one of the most expensive on the market – the GHD flat iron is a superb flat iron. Its sleek looks, features and performance are second to none.

One final point about cost: you generally get what you pay for; therefore if you have a very curly or difficult hair, you should buy one of the more expensive flat irons.

Deciding on what is the best flat iron should not be rushed. When you do buy your flat iron; learn how to use it. Most people are disappointed with the performance of their flat iron, not because the flat iron is not any good, but because they do not know how to use it properly.