What is the Best Paint For a Bathroom?

When you are choosing paint for a bathroom, there are many things that you have to keep in mind. You may not think that the choice of paint is that important, but it really is. Choosing the wrong paint can ruin all the hard work that you put into painting your bathroom, not to mention wasting the money you invested in the paint and tools to do the work. You want to make sure that the paint you choose not only looks good, but stands up to the moisture and abuse of a bathroom.

When you're choosing bathroom paint, there is so much more to think of than just the color. Color is just one aspect of paint, and at this point is not as important as the durability of the paint. Any brand of paint can be tinted to almost any color you desire.

There are paintings that are made specifically for bathrooms, that can stand up well to the heat and humidity in the bathroom. Most name brands carry a line of paint for a bathroom. But if you can not find one that you like, other choices are available to you.

One thing that is important for a good bathroom paint is the sheen or finish of the paint. There are many different finishes to choose from.

A flat finish gives great coverage. It is a matte, or no shine, finish. This type of paint is really good for areas that have little traffic. But it is not good for bathrooms for two reasons: 1) bathrooms are a high traffic area, and 2) flat paint absorbs moisture like a sponge.

Eggshell is a slightly shinier finish than flat paint, but shares the fact that it soaks up moisture. Paints having these finishes will peel right off the wall.

Satin finish has the same soft shine as the satin fabric from which it gets its name. It makes a good paint for a bathroom that's used less often, like a guest bathroom, or for a half bath.

The best choices for bathroom paint are either a semi-gloss or a high-gloss finish. The ingredient that makes them shiny also helps them to repel moisture. Both work very well in bathrooms that see a lot of traffic.

But many people think that a high-gloss paint is too shiny to be used as full coverage for all the walls. If you agree, then a semi-gloss paint is what you should choose.

Are you ready now to choose your bathroom paint? Have you considered the users of the bathroom, and how they might affect your choice of paint? If you would like some more info, check out the author's website, shown below.