What Is the Difference Between Slider Doors and Stacker Doors?

If you’ve recently begun a home or office refurbishment and are tossing up all your options in terms of decoration and door fittings, you may be feeling a little bombarded by the host of technical terminology you’re encountering.

When it comes to doors, the terms slider and stacker door are often used alongside each other, and sometimes used interchangeably, but they actually do refer to two different kinds of door systems. To clear up any confusion, here is a brief outline of the differences between stacker and slider and some of the advantages that each style offer in commercial and residential architecture.

A standard slider door is usually a patio-style door unit which consists of two door panels, where at least one door panel slides open on a track. A slider door opens horizontally by sliding along a track that it is either mounted on or suspended from. While one of the door panels stays stationary, the other opens to slide in front of it. It sounds more complex in description than what it is – you most likely have several sliding doors around your home and workplace and walk through them every day.

A stacker door is a specific category of slider door that has two or more panels, which slide in the same direction and stack behind the third (or fourth, fifth or sixth) fixed panel. There are many configurations available in stacker doors that provide extremely expansive openings. Using the technology of traditional slider, stacker doors can be installed with six or more consecutive sliding panels that allow for uninterrupted openings of several metres. This is because stacker doors are able to open to two thirds of their overall width, unlike standard slider doors that can only ever open to half their width.

However, both these types of doors are ideal for entertaining areas and offer a range of wonderful benefits in modern commercial and residential constructions. If your home or office is more cramped than you would like it to be, stacker or slider doors are the ideal choice. They both provide the most available space when they are open as well as when they are closed because the doors themselves slide away, out of sight.

Not only do these doors allow greater space for movement through and around rooms, they provide increased visibility between rooms and ultimately lend a modern, streamlined and professional appearance to home and office spaces. Stacker and slider doors can be simply and easily installed. As well as providing a practical solution to the enclosure of rooms, glass slider doors and stackers can deliver a priceless view. They are also far less likely to slam shut, thus cracking or breaking, during conditions of high wind.

As you can see, both present a full range of similar benefits, however, the basic difference to remember when making your choice between the two styles of door is that stackers are more effective at providing wide-ranging, uninterrupted openings making them a great selection for locations that offer stunning vistas.