What is the Proper Spine Tilt in the Golf Swing?

In golf there are many different aspects of the sport which can lead to either the golfer achieving success of total and utter failure. It just all depends on whether the golfer is smart enough to be utilizing these aspects to his advantage. There are also many things about golf that are not taught in typical instructionals, specifically things like what is the proper spiral tilt on the golf swing. These are important questions that deserve answers because once unlocked they can provide the golfer with much more skill and a far superior game to his friends and co-workers.

First let's start from the very beginning, addressing the ball. The golfer will take his right hand and place it below the left one on his club, tilting his spine slightly to the right, making sure the right shoulder falls lower than the left one. This happens automatically. During the backswing the entire upper body should rotate around the tilting spine. On the downswing the upper body simply rotates back towards the ball using the tilt axis of the spine.

But if you really want to add a significant amount of power and strength to your hit, you should let the axis of your spinal tilt rotate toward the ball. This is a helpful hint that many golfers have benefited from as a result. Once you know your body works and how you can properly use it to your advantage, then the game is yours. Without This knowledge you simply just will not be as skilled as others who do know these things, the basics really just are not enough to get you by in golf, at least not if you want to win. That is the biggest difference between those who win and those who do not, utilization of the knowledge they are given. Are game is affected by everything from the way we stand and the posture we choose to the actual execution of the swing using the arms and muscles in our body.