What Is the Purpose of an Electric Skillet?

Why do people even use electric skillets? That is something that I wondered for a while because nearly every home has a stove. It was only after I visited a friend’s house that I realized how useful they are. Now I am sure that most people have seen the person who can’t use their kitchen counter because of all the clutter from the small kitchen appliances but if you know how to use them then it is a great time, space, and mess saver.

Electric skillets are one of the more useful kitchen appliances. This allows you to save time by using the temperature dial to set the heat level you will cook your food at. For homes with gas stoves, this is a great way for cooking those sensitive dishes that require precise heating. It is very easy to overcook something or even burn it while leaving the center uncooked if you don’t know exactly how to set the flame. Some electric skillets have you choose a number while others actually have specific temperatures on the dial so you don’t have to experiment with it. This greatly helps in reducing the amount of burnt food offered to the family. This is a great thing for single dads who are trying to figure out how to cook. I wish my dad would have had an electric skillet. Another piece of precise heating that is provided by the electric skillet is being able to cook evenly. They also have an even heating surface which allows the food near the edges to cook just as well as the food in the middle. Most burners on the stove have hot spots in the middle or around the edges depending on the size of the burner and the type of pan you are using.

Small kitchen appliances also save space, when not overdone of course. Have you ever tried to cook a large meal for your family or cook multiple dishes for a party? Sometimes those four burners are just not enough. Having an electric skillet allows someone to help you by cooking a piece of the meal without tripping over you trying to get to the stove. Not only does this give you an extra cooking surface but it also allows you to get help cooking. For mother’s day each year, a group of us guys get together and do all the cooking for everyone. This usually involves 5-8 families. Imagine trying to do that on one stove. You would have half the food cold before you got to serve everything.

Now what about the mess you can avoid. Electric skillets are self-contained and allow for precise heating. This means that you don’t have splatter from the food all over your stove. Now be honest. Cleaning a stove with the splash over cooked into all the creases usually means a lot of scrubbing. When the electric skillet is done, then you just unplug the cord and wash it like any other large pan and the entire mess is done. For my family, this is the most used appliance in our house.