What Kind of Panel and Sticky Profiles Should I Choose?

Searching for a door? Do not know what kind of door to get? Unsure of what you want it to look like? It can be difficult to pick out the door of your dreams when there are so many to choose from. There are also a surprising number of ways you can customize your door so it fits perfectly with your home and does not look like any other doors around. From the wood species to the hardware, to choosing glass lites to the panel and sticking profiles, which should you choose?

Easiest might be the wood and the hardware, as they will need to match your home in color and design, and there are fewer choices to wade through. If you do not want glass at all, then you do not even have to concern yourself with glass lites. But what about panel and sticking profiles? Manufacturers can carry collections that might surprise you – over 90 different panel and sticking profiles are available in most cases. That's a lot of decision-making to go through.

If you do not know what a panel and sticking profile is, then understanding these terms can help clear up any confusion you might have at first. If you have ever seen a door that includes panels, then you are already aware of these elements. The panels are the wide, flat sections of the door. Oftentimes they are slowly recessed from the rest of the door, but they can come in a variety of different thicknesses.

The sticking profile is the decorative edge that meets the panel. They fit together to create the final decorative look. Oftentimes the sticking profile is located at the edge of the stiles and rails (these are the vertical and horizontal frames of the door).

If at any time you get confused or are not sure how something should look, talk to the manufacturer. They can point out these components to you so you have a better understanding of what the final product should look like and how it might appear on your door. Ultimately, the choice will be up to you. But remember a few simple things, such as how an elaborate door will look out of place against a contemporary style home.

Should you want to go a little more stylish and your plans will work well with your home, you can always request applied molding. This molding will be placed over the junction of where the panel and sticking profile meet for an even more elegant design.