What Kinds of Portable Electric Heaters Are Out There? A Halogen Heater is a Great Choice!

While many heaters are portable in this day and age, few offer cost and energy savings. There are many options out on the market today for Portable Electric Heaters that work well in different situations, and today we are going to look into a few of them, including the newest one of the bunch, a halogen heater.

First of all, the heater that most people are very familiar with, is the conventional ceramic convection heater. These heaters are by far the most commonly used in America. Ceramic convection heaters excel in heating of very small rooms, because they heat the air in the room. This has a negative effect on the efficiency of heating a large room however, because the volume of air is greater. While ceramic heaters are cheap, they are also extreme firehazards. Over half of this winter’s accidental fires in homes will be caused by ceramic heaters.

Another option is a relatively new option in either infrared, quartz, or halogen heater. The terms infrared, quartz, and halogen generally refer to the same concept, and can be basically used interchangeably. The only difference between the three is the gas used in the bulbs of the heater. While these heaters are not effective in heating rooms that are empty, they excel in heating areas that have people in them. This is because the rays that are created when electricity travels through the quartz heater bulb directly interact with your skin to provide warmth. This is why a halogen heater, or a infrared, whichever you prefer, is an excellent instant heat option.