What Made Your Wife Cheat? 5 Mistakes Men Make

When a wife cheats on her husband and he forgives her, the next logical step is to understand what went wrong so it can be fixed. If you’re trying to learn how you pushed your wife away, you’re on the right page.

You’re Not Friends

People meet, they fall in love and get married before they get to know each other. Never forget, courtship and marriage are two very different ballgames. Once they settle in and get used to each other, many couples realize they have nothing in common to share. Good friends make good couples.

Learn to share activities, conversations and everything life throws at you, as friends. Don’t forget that extramarital affairs often start out as harmless friendships. Be your wifes’ best friend and she will never turn to someone else.

You Stopped Being Romantic

Once men bag the prize, they give up the chase. After marriage, the courtship ends, reality and work begins. The sudden hugs and kisses fizzle out, dates, flowers and compliments trickle down too.

You must understand, every woman is excited by such gestures. To compensate for your lack of interest or detachment from her, she may have an affair to feel desirable again.

You Don’t Share

Some call it cribbing, others nagging. When women worry, they vent their feelings by talking to their hubby, friend, mum or even a diary to relieve stress. Similarly, when men are worried, they look for immediate solutions, they delve deeper into the topic, compounding stress.

You may have legit reasons for being preoccupied with seeking solutions, but unless you tell your wife and keep her involved, she won’t understand your problems. Worse – she may mistake your preoccupation with detachment and assume the two of you are drifting apart. So share, tell her what’s bothering you.

You Hurt Her

Don’t take it personally but men can be ridiculously insensitive to womens’ feelings. Unfortunately, women can be overly sensitive. Maybe your lack of interest in her daily life and work bugs her. Perhaps you are over-critical about her habits or inattentive about her activities.

While it isn’t possible to walk on egg-shells all the time, it’s possible to be more considerate and more involved as a husband. Try being a better listener and genuinely appreciating the things she enjoys.

You Let Sex Become A Chore

This one’s self-explanatory. Sooner or later you stop going down on her, she starts getting head-aches, until you suddenly realize you have sex once a week. Then once a month. And always in missionary position! Sex is THE most intimate aspect of every marriage.

Time together is meant to enrich your sexual routine, not inhibit it. Talk to her about what she wants. The more you know her, the better you please her. That’s the beauty of being one womans’ slave for life. And the best thing is – if you’re doing this right, no way will she stray.