What Makes a Chair Ergonomic?

Most people are confused by the term ergonomic chair because almost all office chairs today are marked as ergonomic. Fortunately there are a number of key points that you can take into consideration when you look for a true ergonomic seat.

One of the key features in any ergonomic office chair is adjustable tilt tension. The tilt tension is the device that makes the seat of the chair move and back forth. Most chairs have a fixed tilt tension so this can not move. This means that the chairs put more pressure on the back leading to back pain. Some chairs have an automatic tension control that compensates to the sitter's weight others will have to be adjusted by the user. This feature does not always work with people who are lighter or heavier than normal.

Pneumatic or gas lift height adjustment is what enables the chair to be adjusted to your height. Most modern office chairs feature this including ones that are not ergonomic. You can tell if this feature is correctly adjusted if your seat are planed flat on the floor. A heavier person may require a heavy duty lift height adjustment.

To be ergonomic an office chair should enable you to adjust the height of the chair's arms. This can help reduce stress when you type or use your mouse including repetitive stress injuries. A good rule of thumb is that the arms of a chair should match the desktop.

Back height adjustment is vital because it enables you to adjust the chair to get good lower back or lumbar support. Good lumbar support decrees pressure on the back which lowers the possibility of back pain. A person should be able to feel when the pressure on the back is lowered by this feature. Many chairs have special lumbar support features to encourage good posture which makes your back healthyier.

Seat depth adjustment is a feature that enables you to adjust the height of your seat. This is vital because it enables you to look directly at your computer monitor. Most experts believe that a person should look directly at the computer. This stops tall people from slipping and discourages bad posture. Most chairs are do have adjustable seats.

A chair that lacks all of these features is not an ergonomic chair.