What Makes A Quality Log Cabin?

Log cabins not only make very good personal spaces but they can also be great investments too. There are so many types and manufacturers of the structures in the market today, but the cabins are not the same, especially when it comes to quality. If you are looking for a structure that will serve all your needs for a long time to come, then it is important to pay attention to the quality when making your purchase. So what factors determine the quality of your log cabin?

Site preparation and foundation

Truth is, your cabin will be as durable as its foundation. The location where you intend to install the cabin should determine the amount of effort that needs to go to site preparation and foundation. Garden log cabins cannot be compared to those installed in forests, woods and the mountains. To give your cabin quality foundation, site preparation should be done in the right way. Do not let the quality of your cabin be compromised by the foundation you give it.

Logs and timber

They are the most vital and expensive parts of your cabin and hence they ought to be selected with care. The right materials should be given priority if at all, your cabin is to have good value in the end. Your manufacturer will know where to course for the logs and timber but you should ensure that only the best is used for the structure. Softwoods and hardwood varieties can influence the prices, but it is best that you choose logs from the woods that have all good characters for your type of cabin. You really do not want to put effort in a cabin that will crumble down as a result of decay or insect infestations.

Doors, windows and fixings

Quality fixings are a must when you are looking for a quality cabin. You want to make all the right decisions with the interiors and your windows and doors should at least have superior qualities. They may cost more, but they will prove worthwhile for the log cabin in the end. Consider what your cabin doors and windows are made of including protective glass to keep damaging UV rays out.


Considering that you may want to enjoy the cabin on any give season, including the very cold ones, insulation ought to be a top consideration when buying. Whether you want to install it in the woods, forest or right in your garden, it should remain ready to use regardless of the weather conditions. This is something that will be determined by the levels of insulation it offer. Thick logs and timbers offer excellent insulation properties. It is also important to find out what insulation options you may have to make the cabins as efficient as possible.

Services and utilities

A cabin really cannot be complete without a good utility system, especially when located away from home. Off-grid cabins should be self-sustainable when it comes to power supply, water and drainage too. You can add more value by getting wind turbines or solar panels.