What Makes One Businessman "Ordinary" and Another "Extraordinary"?

Sometimes it is difficult to figure people out, and the reasons behind their actions. It is funny, how you can give two people the same advice and guidance one will accept it and act upon it, while the other just decides to ignore it.

The fact that one is open accept guidance and to be mentored to be successful has to do with his inner desire to succeed. His personal want to have the material things he desires is one of his goals. But, more than material things, his desire to take care of his families needs outweigh any other desire.

While the other person can also have the same opportunities, as the other does he simply does not possess that burning desire to make his business or himself successful. He is content getting by and simply not caring about anything. Actually, this kind of attitude is one that some people can not understand, especially in this economy. Many people who have lost their jobs as of late would do whatever it took for the opportunity some throw away.

Two types of people alright! While one is living paycheck to paycheck, and complaining and wishing his life was different, but not willing to put in the time or effort to take care of business. The other, on the other hand is living the life his efforts produced. Setting out on vacation! readily enjoying life and knowing his business is thriving and is a success. All due to the fact, that he was focused and open to real guidance and leadership. He was also willing to work hard and put in the time to build up his business.

Not having time or money are some of the reasons people do not even consider trying. Money really should not be an issue, because there are plenty of free resources available. You have to have the want and the desire to go out there and succeed. Do not be on the outside looking in, that's not how its suppose to be. Surround yourself with people who are smart and that are get things done. You deserve a better life and you should live The DREAM !! …

One businessman is, Ordinary and the other is Extraordinary, which are you?