What Makes the Wagner 915 an Excellent Carpet Cleaner?

The Wagner 915 is a very good carpet cleaner. It also excels at removing wallpaper and performs all sorts of other cleaning functions as well. Most of these involve cleaning hard surfaces like tiles and wood.

Carpets cannot be put into the washing machine and hung out to dry, but they do get very dirty. Muddy shoes and spills leave their marks and they become a breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites.

Carpet cleaners provide the solution.

A good carpet cleaner should

  1. Remove ingrained grime and dirt,
  2. Eliminate stains and smells and
  3. Get at dust mites and bacteria and kill them off

Carpet cleaning methods include:

  1. The “Foam Shampoo” Method: Carpet Shampoo Machines apply foam from a solution of water and chemical agents onto carpet surfaces. A vacuum cleaner removes whatever dirt remains after it has dried.
  2. The “Steam Clean” Method: ‘Steam cleaners’ spray a solution of warm water and chemical cleaners onto carpets and use a vacuum action to suck up the dirty liquid that comes back out of the carpets.This is essentially a washing process that does get the carpets clean and may or may not get rid of some dust mites and bacteria in the process Steam cleaning is a misnomer in this case as there is no steam involved at all in the processes used by these carpet cleaners.

The disadvantages are that

  1. It needs a warm day to dry the carpets or they will get that horrid moldy smell after a while and
  2. It also leaves behind a considerable amount of chemical residue.

Does the Wagner 915 do a better job of cleaning carpets?

It does a good job using different methods.

The Wagner uses very little water and no chemical cleaning agents at all. Steam is water and water is a solvent, dissolving dirt and grime or putting it in suspension in the cleaning process.

Steam cleaning is not a washing process using a lot of water nor is it a shampoo foam method cleaning only the surface of the carpet.

Steam cleaning uses superheated pressurized steam to

  1. Penetrate deep into the carpets,
  2. Remove dirt and grime
  3. Leave carpets only slightly damp,
  4. Leaves no chemical residue behind and
  5. Sanitize the carpets by killing off dust mites and bacteria beneath the surface.

This small machine uses methods on an entry-level that much larger steam cleaners do commercially. It does a proper job as a carpet cleaner in the domestic arena and is an all-rounder performing other functions as well.

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