What Qualifies As Scrap Gold?

If you have watched any television lightly, or surfed the internet, you have probably come across advertisements trying to entice you to sell scrap gold for cash. While the idea seems nice, most people disregard it sure that they would know if they had scrap gold lying around the house to sell. The fact is, that you probably do, the trick is knowing what you are looking for, because most people consider those gold items useless and then have no idea that they could have cash in their pockets for these items.

Scrap gold is simply gold that is placed into an item in a form different than its natural form that is still worth a lot of money, but it is usually not over ten ounces. You may find scrap gold in a lot of your old pieces of jewelry that you no longer wear. A great example is an earring that you lost the match to long ago but have been hanging onto it anyhow.

This one earring could fetch you some cash based on the current high gold prices in the United States. Other similar examples to the lone earring are a gold watch that no longer keeps time, a necklace or bracelet with a broken gold chain, or even the gold casting of a ring that has lost its gem. All of these items you have probably considered tossing at one time or another considering them worthless, but not sure if you should throw out or not because they were made of gold.

Well, turns out you were right to keep them, because the gold inside can make you instant cash for gold if you send them off to an online gold buyer.

Other items that you can add on your scavenger list for scrap gold, now that you are intrigued, are service pins, old class rings, gold coins (both foreign and US), casted gold items, pendants, and even a tooth that has a gold filling in it that you may have lost.

The list of how many items that qualify as scrap gold can go on and on, because the condition of the items does not matter, simply the fact that they contain gold. When you send your unwanted gold to be appraised, the shape of the item is not evaluated, simply purity, weight, and condition of the gold inside the item. Thus, you really can send in just about anything made of gold and expect to receive some amount of cash in return.

With all of these possibilities, there is no better place to start hunting through your home for possible scrap gold items then now, because there is no guarantee on how long the price for gold will remain so high. Obviously, you want to make sure you receive top dollar off of every item that you sell, so that means you will need to act now to make sure that you get it!

It does not cost anything to send in your items with a gold kit, but you can reap a wonderful cash reward if you act now!