What Should You Do If Bras Constrict Your Breathing?

Some women feel that the upper part of their body and their breathing is constricted every time they wear a bra. It feels as if they can’t breathe, or it is very difficult to breathe. But still, they wear one, because they have to. It could either be because they have too small breasts that need to be pushed up, or their busts are large that needs strong support. However, if it is a problem about breathing whenever you wear a bra, it is highly probable that your bra does not properly fit you. If the band is too tight around your body, and the cup size is too small for your busts, you can feel that tightness to be constricting your breathe.

So how should you remedy this problem? What should you do if your bras constrict your breathing? If you ask some women, you will perhaps be advised to use adhesive bra. It is a bra type that you only need to stick on your front without losing the support that your breasts need. The adhesive bra provides flawless coverage. It can easily be applied and can also be removed without pain.

But if you ask the experts they will recommend that you be professionally be fitted. A majority of women just settle on what seems comfortable to their bodies, because they don’t know actually what size is their bra. You know, getting accurate results when your body and cup size is measured is very important. Consult a professionally trained bra fitter. You can find many of them in most high-end bra boutiques and they can help you ensure maximum support and great fit.

When you wear a bra that does not properly fit, you may experience more than just discomfort. You can have poor posture, back and shoulder strain, and hardness of breathing. Additionally, your outfit would not look as good as they would in a properly fitting bra. Take the time to be fitted; 15 minutes is all that it takes, but you can reap the results for a lifetime.

You must realize that if your body shape and size change, so does your bra. If you have lost or gained weight in the past year, and still continue to wear the same bra that you used before the body change, you will end up being uncomfortable and experiencing some breathing problems (if you gained weight). A new bra fitting done by a professional can help end the common practice of women wearing unflattering and ill-fitting bras.