What Spray Paint Should You Use to Paint Your Nerf Gun?

So you really want to paint your Nerf gun? Chances are you became convinced to do so after seeing a couple paint jobs done by friends or online.

The tricky part is, which paint do you use? Just because your friend used that generic can of spray paint, does not mean it was the best option.

When painting a Nerf gun, or any toy dart gun for that matter, its imperative that you take a couple of steps to ensure your paint job will be of utmost quality.

The problem with all of the pictures online of painted Nerf guns is they only show what the blaster looks like right after the job has been done – right at its physical peak.

What they don’t show you is how gunky the blaster gets a couple weeks after normal use. They don’t show how their pristine paint job turned into a flaking, or sometimes even sticky piece of work.

No one wants to see their work go to waste, so I’m here to help you get the most out your painting experience by encouraging you to buy a select type of spray paint for the job.

What type of spray paint should you get? Well, there are actually two brands I know of that work great for the job, and they are:

  • Krylon Fusion – For Plastics
  • Vinyl Dye – For Vinyl and Fabrics

Either or will work great, as both bond very well to plastic, which will ensure you get a long lasting paint job.