What Thor Movie Costume Can You Make Yourself?

A Thor movie costume is a very creative choice for a range of different costume occasions. You may choose one of the characters for a Halloween event or you could be planning an reenactment of some of the scenes. Maybe a child has to have a costume for a competition at school. Thor has a selection of costumes for both male and female.

The Son of Odin – Thor

Thor is of course the principal character in the movie. His costume consists of a red cloak that is attached from the shoulders of his suit of armor and flows behind him in classic superhero style. When making the cloak, you might find certain material provides the correct weight to achieve the right effect. The signature hammer of Thor can be recreated from packing foam which may be pinned to a cardboard tube and then painted.

Cardboard is a good material from which to create armor. Thor has armor that is formed from shaped panels. You can copy this technique using double wall cardboard which is generally used for packaging appliances like TVs. Once you have cut all your pieces out you can stick them together with a strong adhesive or duct tape and then apply latex paint.

All Seeing Guardian of Asgard – Heimdall

The costume of Heimdall the gate keeper is a favorite choice to recreate simply because of the spectacular nature of it. The solid gold effect of his armor and his great horned head piece are awe inspiring indeed. This costume can be made from combination of polystyrene and cardboard. Canned spray paint that is used for cars should give you the exterior effect you are looking for.

The Frost Giants of Jotunheim

The Frost Giants are good candidates for more sinister looking characters from the movie. You will want to recreate the frozen scaly effect of their skin. By using thick lashings of grey and white stage paint you should be able get the appearance of icy skin. Otherwise, try applying a thick and sticky substance to the skin like stage paste or some food grade substance such as honey. Then stick on top of this small pieces of white tissue paper until the face is covered. This will give the illusion of ice flaked skin. A pair of old sunglasses with the lenses removed and replaced with orange or red plastic should work well in recreation of the eyes.

Alternatively, you could choose to make a Frost Giants head in a mask that can be lifted on and off. This may be a more practical alternative since it can be re-used and also stored as a memento after you have finished with it. A mask can be made from papier mache to achieve the texture. You will then paint it in greyish white.


The more adventurous designer may want to attempt recreating the Destroyer. However this is not a task for the feint hearted and will require hours of painstaking work. However, the finished results should be quite spectacular. For the best outcome pieces of old leather stitched together are highly recommended. Look for scraps at recycling plants or leather repair shops. You will need a cardboard or plywood box for the head with the eye section cut away and filled with colored plastic.

Sif – Warrior Princess

If you are looking for a female Thor movie costume to make then one of the best choices is probably that of Sif. In the movie her costume is mainly robes which are easy enough to recreate with yards of cloth. You can make the armored shoulder pads she wears out of cuts of stiff paper or cardboard and then color them with paint.