What Timber Flooring Is Best for Your Needs?

It was not too long ago that the most popular option for flooring used to be wood flooring. Perhaps, one reason was that people didn’t have that many options really. With the passage of time, synthetic materials were introduced for making the flooring, and wood flooring took a back seat as homeowners started patronizing the new synthetic flooring materials, including tiles and carpets. However, of late, once again, wood flooring is finding some favor with consumers, mainly because they like its natural looks. Usually, users are not sure of the type of timber flooring that will be the most appropriate for their homes.

Flooring is made from different kinds of timber, and each buyer has its own personal preferences. For example, many people prefer oak flooring because of its rich looks that add to the beauty of any home. However, you can get many other options of timber like bamboo, Victorian ash, cedar, Northern red, Ironwood and Jarra etc. One should carefully consider all the available options, as all of them have good looks.

Though the choice of flooring is important in order to enhance the looks of your room, the way that timber flooring is installed is equally important. For example, you may have floating floors. Such floor is installed over the existing floor, which may be made of concrete, particle board, tiles or any other material. This kind of flooring also needs an underlay that helps reducing the noise.

The other option for installing timber flooring is called structural timber flooring. This kind of installation should preferable be entrusted to professionals. In this case, the timber is often oak, which needs to be seasoned before being installed. Bearer and joists, available in the structure of the home, are used for fixing this kind of flooring.

Timber flooring comes in varying styles, offering comparatively easy installations. You can get the options of parquetry, tongue and groove flooring, and also direct sticking. The main benefit with this style of flooring is the fact that you can install a flooring incorporating a pattern which suits your style and best matches your requirements. Many homeowners prefer a tongue and groove arrangement, as it helps keeping the flooring together, though it needs to be nailed down finally. Some may prefer direct sticking floors, which simply require the sticking of the flooring straight on the slabs of concrete floors.

You will appreciate the fact that there are many options for timber flooring, as well as the various way these can be installed. You’ll benefit by spending little time to study the various available options and to make a comparative study of them in order to decide the one that will best answer your requirements. It is also important to decide if you are going to undertake the installation on your own, or will you hire professional services for doing the needful. Of course, you’ll need to keep your budget in mind while making a final choice on the flooring to be installed.