What to Eat to Lose Weight

So what is the answer to the question what to eat to lose weight? You should eat something from all the food groups every day but in proper proportions. The food groups are as follows:

1) Fruit and Vegetables
2) Carbohydrates or starches
3) Protein
4) Dairy products
5) Foods containing fats and sugars.

Most of your food should come from the first group. Fruit and vegetables are great for people trying to lose weight as they help to fill you up without adding on loads of calories. They are also great for your skin, your hair and your general wellbeing. You need to try and vary the quantity; color and type that you eat as eating carrots every day will soon become rather boring.

If you do not like raw vegetables try making homemade soup. If you make the soup from scratch and use spices and herbs instead of salt, you can make a very filling meal with very few calories. You should try and start your lunch and dinner with either a soup or salad as you will end up slimmer.

You need carbohydrates in order to get vital B vitamins and nutrients. Switch from white products such as bread, pasta and rice to the wholegrain or wholemeal varieties. Aim to eat your carb allocation as close to morning as possible so that you get a chance to consume the glucose released by these foods. Glucose converts to fat if it is not used up.

Proteins provide essential amino acids so are vital to your diet. You do not need a lot of protein and the best sources are lean meat, fish and sprouting beans. Eating a dinner made of protein and vegetables will help you to lose weight. In fact never eating protein and starches in the same meal will have a huge impact on the number of pounds you lose.