What to Think About When Buying a New Stove

Wood burning stoves are growing more and more popular for several reasons, not least the fact they are a stylish and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating methods. They are also so efficient that owners make such significant savings that stoves should quickly pay for themselves.

However, there are some things you should consider before buying a stove to ensure that you choose the one that is best for your home.

The Stove's Purpose

You should think about how much of your home you need to heat. A stove can make a single room cosy and provide an extra heating boost to the central heating on cold nights.

Alternatively, a back boiler can be installed to a stove, which can be used to heat water and also provide central heating considerably cheaper than oil.


It's also vital you consider the area you will set aside for your stove and ensure that it is not too tight a fit and that it allows heat to spread throughout the room.

It might be worth thinking about how portable your stove is, in case you move house in the future.


All stoves are given an efficiency percentage which reflects how well the stove makes use of fuel and produces heat. The higher the percentage, the more heat you will get for your money,

Open fires are considered to be 25% efficient while quality stoves often have efficiency ratings of 60-80%.


You will need to make sure you have access to a good supply of seasoned wood. Dry storage space is also essential. Some stoves need to be refuelled more than others, so it is good to keep this in mind if you want to keep the stove running for extended periods of time.

Multi-fuel stovescan burn wood and a range of other fuel including coal. You need to consider local laws regarding pollution when burning certain fuels, particularly if you live in a Smoke Control Area.

Heat Output

The Heat Output of stoves are measured in KW and vary according to the make and size of the stove. 5KW stoves should be enough to heat most rooms, but 8KW may be needed for larger rooms.

This will also vary according to your home's ability to retain and keep heat, eg if you have double-glazing.

You can work out the best KW output for your room using an online stove size calculator.