What to Wear to a Funeral – Give a Eulogy Speech in Appropriate Attire

You have been asked to give a eulogy speech; it is written and now it is time to take care of all the other details…like what to wear to a funeral.

For those of us that are clothes horses we take a great deal of time and thought to what we are going to wear anywhere and everywhere that we go. But for others the thought may not come up until the last moment.

Whether you want to know what to wear to a funeral because you are the person presenting a eulogy speech or just because you are attending and wondering what would be right, I have some clothes advice for you.

If you haven’t been to a funeral before and have only read books and seen movies in which people dress only in black then I especially have news for you. Black is not the required color to wear anymore. You can wear any solid color that you want. You may think twice about hot pink or any bright color however because the emphasis is on celebrating the life instead of simply mourning the death.

Clothes that are frowned upon include bright and flamboyant prints (what you would wear on a beach in Hawaii is not what to wear to a funeral) especially if you are the one giving a eulogy speech.

Here is a list of clothing to avoid:

T shirts

Muscle shirts

Mini skirts

Gaps in clothing (regardless of how cute your belly button is!)

Ripped or torn clothing (regardless of how much it cost you to buy it that way!)

Blue jeans – unless you have no other clothes to your name. Be sure they are your Sunday best blue jeans and wear a shirt or blouse with them that has both collar and sleeves.

Tight fitting.

When you are up in front of a group of people speaking there are several factors to take into account:

Can you move without ripping or the buttons popping?

Are people focusing on your words or on your clothing or exposed body parts?

Do you have freedom of movement?

A maxim to remember is that you are there to give honor to the deceased and not to show off yourself.

Suits for both men and women are a good choice especially if you are giving a eulogy speech but if you grew out of your suit several years ago ditch the suit and wear something that fits you properly.

Men look good in ties in my opinion but it isn’t a necessity. My husband has banned ties from his life since he retired from his management job. A tie is never what he would wear to a funeral or any other place for that matter!

The bottom line to the question what to wear to a funeral is to wear a simple, well fitting top that doesn’t show too much skin and a well-fitting pair of slacks. Women can wear a dress or skirt that is of classic length and design. You can wear colors that are moderate in color.

Be sure your clothing is fresh from the cleaners and is well-pressed. Remember you are going to pay your respects to the deceased and to the family and friends left behind. You want them all to know that you thought enough of them to dress nicely.