What Type of Filter is Best to Remove Iron From Water?

Iron in water is an annoying problem and especially when it starts to stain clothes, bath tubs, sinks and cause discoloration. So what is the best way to remove iron from water? As you might have noticed, there are a couple of products on the market and they each seem to perform a different function.

Before you go out and purchase an iron water filter for your home, make sure you do a good deal of research. Not all iron water filters do the same thing and you don’t want an ineffective system because they can get pricey.

Types of Treatment Systems That Are Used To Remove Iron Water

Water Softener

For many people with iron water problems, their water is also hard. This is why a lot of people install a water softener, but very often the actual sediments are not filtered out. You will have to change the salt quite regularly if you have a high iron content and your water is hard. A water softener is not the most effective way to treat iron in water, so research other options before installing a system like this one.

Greensand Water Filter

This type of filter is perfect if you have both high iron content in the water, as well as a rotten egg smell. The rotten egg smell is caused by low levels of hydrogen sulfide. A whole house water filter with manganese greensand, is designed to remove only low levels of both iron and sulfur. Sometimes maintenance costs can get quite high if you have to constantly change the filters.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

This is a great option to remove more than just iron if you have a problem with other chemicals or contaminants too. Many pollutants will be removed from this system but the downside is that all of the minerals in the water will be removed too. If you have a lot of iron sediments it would be a good idea to get sediment pre filters. This is so that you don’t have to change the main membrane (which is quite expensive) too often.

Cheap Iron Water Filters

Is there such a thing? If you are really on a tight budget and are willing to filter from at least one point in the house, then you can look at a standard countertop water filter or undercounter water filter. This means that your drinking water will be filtered but the solution to your washing and bath tub being stained red wont.

Iron water treatments are usually expensive and that is why you need to get the water tested by a professional company who knows what they are talking about before just buying a system