What Type Of Medieval Helmet Should You Buy?

There are many medieval helmets out there in today's online stores. Replica helmets range from Crusader Knight helmet to German Maximillian helmets. Which one is right for you? Well, this article will discuss the classic style helmets that re-enactors and collectors buy. You should get a better understanding on what's available for you to purchase.As mentioned before, the two most popular medieval helmets are probable the Crusader and Sugar Loaf helmets. These were very popular during the early medieval ages and especially during the crusades. They are both very wearable and the designs are great for SCA combat and reenactments.

Another popular helmet is the European Close Helmet. This type of helmet you are likely to see on a suit of armor and with a full body armor set. It is completely closes and protects your entire head from front to back. This was most likely worn in the early medieval ages when heavy plate armor was what knights wore. The Medieval Pig Face helmet is a unique helmet that was worn usually with a Churberg armor set. It is named "Pig Face" because it comes to a point like a snout on the front of the helmet, making it look pig-like. This helmet is also fully closes and provides ample protection in reenactments.

However, the eye site may not be as good as the Crusader or Sugar loaf.Another helmet that is widely used in costumes and combat is the Norman Nasal helm. It only protects the top of the head, and a single metal nasal protector comes down the center of the front. This was a popular helmet worn by the Normans and other Norse cultures. Lastly, : other types of medieval helmets That is SCA combatants wear leather helmets. These are light and great for moving around in. They are usually only available in the Crusader helmet and Roman trooper helmet.